Hi, I'm Peter Steyn. I am an Electrician by trade and have always been a ‘hands-on’ man. At one time I ventured into Furniture making because of my love of woodwork and machining but I have always had an inexplicable attraction to the smell and feel of cold Steel…perhaps this is why my journey into Knife making has been so consuming and passionate! 

In 2003 when I underwent a Heart bypass operation and was looking for a hobby to occupy myself, a friend showed me a Handcrafted knife that he had purchased and the search was over. I do confess that it was only a hobby in the first week! I knew almost immediately that this was a path that I wanted to follow but I also knew that I wanted to create my own ‘footprints’, strive to be different, and indeed, sometimes controversial!

In 2004 I began building a workshop and manufactured most of the machines myself; by 2005 I was ready to produce my first knife. I entered the competition for Non-Guild members at the 2005 Knifemakers Guild of SA Show and was awarded 3rd place. By April 2006 I was confident enough to display my work at the Durban Easter Knife Show where I won the award for "Best Hunting Knife on Show' in the Novice category.


The South African Guild of Knifemakers accepted me as a member in July 2006.

I still produce a limited amount of fixed blade knives but my venture into Folder-making has exceeded all expectations and has stimulated my natural tendency towards creative/artistic pieces with contrasting finishes.

Covex Grind, Crator Finish and Creative Pattern-blasting onto blades are just a few examples of my ‘Footprints’ ~ there’s still a lot of new ideas in this old head so be sure to visit my website on a regular basis and see what new ideas are forthcoming!


My wife, Joyce, is my ‘Scribe’ ‘Mentor’ ‘Ruthless Quality Controller’ and ‘Marketing Consultant’ ~ rest assured when you purchase one of my knives your experience of opening the package will almost equal the joy of holding your Peter Steyn creation!

I approach each new day with enthusiasm and only have one regret…that is I didn’t start creating knives 40 years ago!

Introducing "Crator" a new and exciting random process that forms part of the 12C27 blade steel without compromising any of the qualities of the steel. The first knives created with this finish were introduced to the public at the 2007 Durban Easer Knife Show with enthusiastic acceptance. The official launch took place at the 2007 SA Guild of Knifemakers Show on 31st August. I am pleased to report that interest in the finish continues to escalate and all pieces displayed were quickly acquired by enthusiastic buyers.


R&D is ongoing and I remain confident that "Crator" has in important role to play in creative Knifemaking.